The Green Power Week

This week is Green Impact Power Week! From the July 2 to 6 you’ll have the chance to give projects and actions of your Green Impact team a real boost. Get your team organised and get those plans into action!

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

ma 2 juli 2018 tot vr 6 juli 2018

We will be recording your progress and rewarding three teams for their efforts.

Most actions completed in Power Week

Power Week is the week to get into action and make a good start with your action plan. We'll check which team completes the most actions during this week!

Promote your project

Teams that promote one of their actions will get an extra reward. Did your team let people in your building know about the sustainable project that you are working on? Show us by uploading a copy of posters, emails or evidence of any other inventive ways to the toolkit.

Start a Green Impact Team

If you are interested in Green Impact but have not yet signed up, this is the perfect time for you to join! Get in contact with Green Impact and we can help get your team off the ground. The new team with the most actions completed by the end of the week will win a prize. Go to the Green Impact website and start your team.