The Master course agri & food

The Master Course Agri & Food aims to prepare professionals in the Agri & Food industry to face and overcome the challenges in this sector. As an upcoming senior manager, you are required to perform in competitive, innovative business models and will need to develop successful strategies in ever changing market conditions. To help you meet this challenge, this Master Course offers the scientific knowledge, business insights and practical skills that are currently on the industry’s agenda.

Organisator Wageningen Academy

do 20 september 2018 tot vr 28 juni 2019

Locatie Wageningen Campus
Prijs € 9.995,00

7 modules programme

The Master Course consists of 7 modules. Renowned academic teachers and industry experts will provide you with the latest knowledge about different aspects of the Agri & Food industry. Each module is built around a central theme. You will have the opportunity to develop a vision and apply the scientific insights within business cases, as well as within your own business situation. In addition to increasing your knowledge, you will also have the chance to improve your professional skills. You will work on different assignments with your peers throughout the programme. In the last module, you will present your result to a panel of experts who will critically review the work.


  1. International Agri & Food markets
  2. Business strategy
  3. Sustainable supply chain management
  4. International politics and the legislative framework & geopolitics
  5. Sector & society/Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  6. Application & innovation
  7. Integration

Each module consists of two consecutive days, planned on thursday's and friday's. The first module will take place on 20-21 September and the last module in June 2019. The preliminary programme can be found in the flyer.

Outcome of the Master Course

The Master Course provides a broader understanding of the entire Agri & Food market, its dynamics and interdependencies, and the implications on a business level. You will work on actual challenges within your own
professional environment; this immediately enables you to contribute to shaping the business strategy of your company. After completing the course, you will have gained (theoretical) knowledge, business insights and practical skills to function optimally on a personal- and professional level. In short, you will have the necessary tools ‘to shape the future’.

Target audience

The Master Course is targeted at professionals working in the Agri & Food industry, who are the future leaders of the sector. This broad target group offers the valuable added opportunities of meeting people from
different backgrounds, expanding your professional and private networks and learning from your peers.

To participate in the programme, you must meet the following criteria:

• You are currently working for a company active in the Agri & Food industry.
• You possess the capabilities to fulfil a leading role in the sector in future management (being able to shape the future).
• You have a minimum of five years of relevant workexperience in the Food & Agri industry.
• You have a basic level of abstract thinking (Bachelor Degree level).
• You are able to actively contribute to your own learning process and that of the other participants.

A personal interview is part of the intake procedure. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, provided that you have successfully completed the course (active participation and sufficient thesis grade).