The Social Psychology of Voice

What if we use voice to gain more insights into the psychology of communication? Voice conveys content with particular intentions. But what happens between the origin of the voice in the speaker and perception of the listener long before the content of the message is even delivered?

Organisator Studium Generale

di 8 september 2015 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Voices from around the world differ. How voices are used and perceived differs.  Charisma and impact is for a large part determined by the tone of voice. With loudness, sharpness, depth, warmth, tempo, melody you create an impression on the senses of your listener. This impression determines whether he will feel at home, scared, attracted of repelled by what you say. Even before he hears the meaning of your words. Learn how voice can enhance communicative abilities.

Journey through the use of voice

Studium Generale invites you to join Elizabeth Ebbink, psychologist (UVA) and opera singer (Rotterdam Conservatorium) for a journey through the use of voice and its impact on the listener. Discover what voice can mean for the success or failure of verbal intercultural exchanges between speakers and listeners from all walks of life. Find out what optimal voice use can mean for  conveying of information. Learn about  ‘vocal mirroring’ techniques and gain insights which enhance communicative abilities. Explore vocal apparatuses with regards to melody, volume and timbre using voice technique, breath technique and psychology.

About Elizabeth Ebbink

Elizabeth Ebbink is a voice trainer psychologist and professional opera singer. As a singer, she has practical  hands on knowledge of the voice and almost thirty years of experience in teaching vocal technique. She uses her psychological knowledge to tackle problems of a more personal nature in regard to communicating strongly and freely. Her coaching and training enhances the clients’ impact,  interactive skills and power of persuasion. Elizabeth Ebbink is author of ‘ik hoor het aan je stem’ (Nieuw Amsterdam) an interactive book about the influence of the voice with numerous examples of beloved well known voices.