The Sound of Leadership - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Marten Scheffer

On Leading and Following in Music and Science.

Organisator Impulse, Ingrid Lubbers and Gerlinde De Deyn

wo 31 oktober 2018 16:00 tot 18:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Can you go with the flow, or should you lead or follow? In music and science we seek knowledge, freedom and creativity. We also wish for moving performances, interesting results and new discoveries to satisfy our curiosity and explore frontiers. But how is an outstanding performance to be achieved? Can music and science interact to find new meanings and unexpected viewpoints?

Musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will project their sound to illustrate the workings of ‘leading and following’ in chamber music during a public rehearsal. Louise Fresco will introduce this unique musical event. Preceding the rehearsal Marten Scheffer will explain how SIMONA (Sensitive Infinite Musical Offering Angel) shapes the sound of the charismatic water beetle by its natural environment. In a warm-up program in Forum researcher Sander van der Krol and artist Tom Kortbeek will demonstrate how a ‘Plant Orchestra’ can create chords by switching their genes on and off.

Programme Impulse

16:00: Marten Scheffer explains SIMONA (Sensitive Infinite Musical Offering Angel) 17:00: Public rehearsal by members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Introduction by Louise Fresco.

Warm-up programme

15:00: meet at The Wageningen Tree, west side Forum entrance to visit the interactive installation of the ‘Plant orchestra’ inside Forum.

Sander van der Krol and Tom Kortbeek: 'Plant orchestra' gives people a glimpse into the inner life of plants.