The Unexpected Science of Steel and Chocolate


The Unexpected Science of Steel and Chocolate

What do steel and chocolate have in common?
Come to the Science Centre on the TU Delft campus on Monday 13 March and find out for yourself!

Organisator 4TU.HTM

ma 13 maart 2017 10:00 tot 17:00

Locatie Science Centre, Mijnbouwstraat 120, campus TU Delft

Did you know that chocolate tastes different, is less prone to breaking and melts more quickly when its structure changes? And did you know that this is a typical materials-related aspect that researchers also look at when making steel, for example? The complex challenges that chocolatiers
face every day are in fact pure science, just like the production of steel.

On Monday 13 March, chocolate experts and steel experts will shed light on the underlying processes and structures of chocolate and steel from a scientific and industrial perspective. See with your own eyes how (at the lab scale) changes in production processes (such as temperature and cooling rate) induce major changes in the properties of the materials; you will witness a demonstration in which a steel spoke for a bicycle wheel is made so soft that you can tie a knot with it, and see how chocolate melts instantaneously in your hand instead of your mouth. In addition there will be various lectures by scientists from universities and industry and there will be a quiz with the most delicious chocolate in Delft as first prize!

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