TheatreFestival Roomservice 2014

Roomservice StudentRoom TheatreFestival for the 8th time in Wageningen!

Organisator Studium Generale

do 6 november 2014 20:00 tot 23:59

Locatie Nine Wageningen studentrooms (plus the public library)

Nine Wageningen studentrooms (plus the public library) are transformed into small, original theatres. In the rooms artists will perform a 30 minute show with a variety of music, mime/dance, cabaret, storytelling, poetry … you name it! You bike/walk through Wageningen to an unfamiliar room, sit on a sagged couch and experience an exceptional, intimate performance among a small group of people.

You can choose your favourite three shows and see them for only 5 euros, or see only one show for 3 euros! (Prices for students.) It starts at 20:00 and the last performance is at 22:00. Between each show you’ll have 30 minutes to travel to the next location. Almost all shows are for an international audience. Only two are in Dutch.

Who Tamar Blom (mime theatre)
Where Witte Wilma, Wilhelminaweg 24
Who The Silhouettes (music)
Where Over-Engh, Churchillweg 1
Who The Flamenco Thief (music)
Where Heerenstraat 3
Who Viswijf (theatre)
Where Casa Cranca I, Hoogstraat 37A
Who Willem de Ridder (storyteller)
Where Casa Cranca II, Hoogstraat 37A
Who Geen Front (theater (Dutch))
Where BBLTHK, Stationsstraat 2
Who BoNudget (film and music)
Where Generaal Foulkesweg 74
Who Maud Vanhauwaert (cabaret/poezie (Dutch))
Where Bolus 9, Bowlespark 9
Who ROLF de band (music)
Where Wolfswaard, Aan de Rijn 12

To finish it there will be an afterparty at Café Loburg from 23.00 till dawn.