Too Smart To Succeed? How to deal with fear of success as a gifted person

Fear of success has too long been missing from the gifted education debate. Understanding how fear of success comes into being, which behavior increases it and how to diminish it’s effect can help gifted people to avoid it’s pitfalls.

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do 15 maart 2018 12:30 tot 13:30

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Fear of success has thus far not been linked to problems gifted people face within education. Fear of success can shed a new light on unproductive behavior like procrastination, self-sabotaging, underachievement and limited executive functions. Understanding this can help gifted people who seem to find it difficult to excel academically or professionally to find a way to succeed.

Sandra Leefmans MSc is the most important expert on fear of success in gifted people in the Netherlands. She is a cultural anthropologist and has written “Te slim om te slagen; over succesangst bij hoogbegaafden,” a book about fear of success in gifted people (publication date 3/3/2018).