Traveller or Tourist: Me and the Masses

This lunch meeting takes its inspiration from Louise Fresco’s NRC column of 13 July 2016 about tourism. Come join the tropical atmosphere. You can listen, discuss and be part of an experiment about travel motivation, to find out how complexity can be studied experimentally.

Organisator Impulse

wo 16 november 2016 12:30 tot 13:30

Louise asked the question: are you a traveller or a tourist? Whatever your answer, you never walk alone. Tourism is contagious. It is a social, an economic, political and ecological force. And we are just getting started. Or will all travelling be in cyberspace only by 2050, like Louise suggested?

How can we better understand tourism? It is a complex socio-ecological system, in fact a system of systems. Systemic methods that model the motivations of tourists can be useful. One of these is presented here: agent-based modelling. This method has been adopted by a group of researchers from Wageningen and elsewhere, from social and ecological sciences. We’ll do a collective exercise to show how it works.