Turkish Brunch


Turkish Brunch

THUIS, 11:30-13:00 - Start your Saturday morning with a tasty traditional Turkish Brunch prepared by the Turkish student community in Wageningen and THUIS.

Organisator THUIS

za 1 april 2017 11:30 tot 13:00

Locatie THUIS, Stationsstraat 32, Wageningen

Put your cereal/biscuit/yoghurt/croissant down for once, come and enjoy the REAL breakfast with us! During this brunch you will experience how Turkish people spend their mornings.

Brunch menu

Kısır, Menemen,Sigara Böreği, Kızartma, Simit, Bulgur, Sucuk, jam, honey, butter, olive, salad, cucumber, several types of cheese, bread, turkish tea and of course turkish coffee.

There is place for around 50 people, so event will be first come first served and with a contribution of 2 €.