Using evolution to increase resilience

A new Creative Innovation; Art meets Science project kick- off with artist Gionata Gatto and WUR scientists.

Organisator Impulse

do 13 september 2018

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
13 September scientists (yet to announced) from Animal Sciences Group & Environmental Sciences Group start their two month journey to creative innovation under the wings of a new artist in residence: Gionata Gatto. Today they will all pitch their work and let art meet science.

Evolution is the driving force behind all biodiversity, from viruses and bacteria to plants and animals. Natural selection, one mechanism of evolution helps to ensure that organisms are well adapted to their environment. But what happens when environments change faster than their inhabitants can adapt? For millennia humans have employed artificial selection to domesticate plants and animals. Some scientists even think we can domesticate disease-causing organisms to make them harmless.

Can we harness evolutionary processes such as selection to increase resilience in the face of accelerating global change?

Scientists from the Environmental, Animal, and Plant Science Groups will give their insight onto this question.The artist Gionata Gatto will be key in this session as his artwork will be the linkage between scientists of different groups. We invite you to this meeting in which academic knowledge will be transfer to the general public in an artistic way. Be our guest in this Creative Innovation, where Art meets Science.

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