Virology Meeting CVI

On December 3rd, we will organize the final Virology Meeting of this year.

Organisator Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

do 3 december 2015 08:30 tot 10:00

Locatie Frenkelzaal, Houtribweg, Lelystad

The first speaker will be Dr. Nancy Beerens, who will present results of her studies on HIV, which she performed at Erasmus MC before she joined CVI.

As the second speaker, we will welcome Prof. Ron Fouchier (Erasmus MC - Department of Viroscience). He will present his work on the adaptation of avian influenza viruses to mammals.

Program (8:30-10:00, Frenkelzalen HRW)

  • Nancy Beerens: Role of novel drug resistance mutations in the HIV-2 RT enzyme
  • Ron Fouchier: Adaptation of avian influenza viruses to mammals