W. Klemm pitch at DIES Natalis

On March 9th 2016, Wageningen University will celebrate its 98th Dies Natalis with as theme 'The digitalisation of nature'. Wiebke Klemme will be one of the people who give a pitch.

Organised by Landscape architecture

Wed 9 March 2016

Venue Orion, gebouwnummer 103

Link to the page of DIES Natalis.

Pitch Dies symposium by Wiebke Klemm
Theme: Metropolitan solutions

Urban green is hot – Urban green is cool. From urban microclimate knowledge towards climate-responsive urban designs 

Landscape architect Wiebke Klemm presents novel insights into cooling effects of urban green, like parks and street trees, and how this microclimate knowledge can be translated into applicable design guidelines based on a ‘Research through designing’ approach. On-going urbanisation and global climate change worldwide demand rethinking the design of urban areas: they need to be both, climate-responsive and liveable. Yet, studies on microclimates of urban green in moderate climates have been limited. As a result of that urban designers lack guidance in how to implement urban green in a climate-responsive way. In her PhD project Wiebke develops evidence-based design guidelines for climate-responsive green infrastructure in urban areas.

Wiebke Klemm is landscape architect and quartermaster ‘Green Urban Planning and Design’ at the chair group of Landscape Architecture at Wageningen UR. Her work on resilient urban outdoor spaces builds upon her experience in both the professional and the scientific field of landscape architecture. At the moment she is in the final year of her PhD project.