WASS Introduction Course fall 2018

Organisator Fennie van Straalen

wo 10 oktober 2018 tot vr 12 oktober 2018

Locatie Congrescentrum De Werelt Lunteren
Starting a PhD is a big challenge. Especially in the beginning, new candidates will encounter lots of new information and uncertainties; a new workplace, new colleagues, preparing a four-year process, writing a research proposal, etcetera. In order to feel at home within the Wageningen School of Social Science (WASS), to get to know your fellow PhD candidates, and to overcome pitfalls and problems during the PhD process, Wageningen School of Social Science offers the WASS Introduction Course for new PhD candidates.

Objectives of the course

The objective of the WASS Introduction Course is to make new PhD candidates more familiar with the WASS organisation and to prepare them for the PhD process. During various sessions, PhD candidates will be introduced to the WASS organisation, its fellows, and the PhD Council. A number of workshops will be offered with the objective to prepare candidates for their PhD process.

More specifically, the following issues will be considered:

  •  Everything you need to know about WASS

  •  Meeting the PhD Council

  •  Ethics in Social Sciences

  •  Competences necessary for the PhD process

  •  Proposal approval & Code of conduct

  •  Methodological challenges and pitfalls

  •  Dealing with your supervisor

Next to informative sessions and workshops, the program also includes social (teambuilding) activities. Since the Introduction Course lasts 3 days and is held at an external location (Conference centre De Werelt in Lunteren), there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow PhD candidates. Activities include, among others, a cultural evening on the arrival day and an outdoor (teambuilding) activity.

Target group and learning outcomes

Target group are new WASS PhD candidates.

After the completion of this introduction course participants:

- are better prepared for their PhD process by being:

  • Informed about practicalities and formalities in their PhD process

  • Aware of the competences that are needed in their PhD process

  • Aware of communication issues that can occur with supervisors and learning how to deal with these

  • Informed on the approval procedure of their research proposal

-  have a better understanding of the WASS organisation and feeling as a member of WASS

  • The (international) candidates have a better insight in the Dutch culture

  • Candidates are aware of the WASS mission and themes

  • Candidates know the importance of ethics within WASS research and can relate that to their own research

  • Candidates know each other and are familiar with the WASS staff and the WASS fellows.

Course fee

There is a fee of 150 euros (incl. two nights at conference hotel de Werelt, Lunteren, drinks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, course materials and a team building activity).

Outline and ECTS  

The WASS Introduction Course will be offered regularly. It is a compulsory course for 1 ECTS.

The course in October 2018 is scheduled on the following dates: Wednesday October 10, 9.30 hrs  – Friday October 12, 16.30 hrs

    Teaching methods

    Information sessions are combined with interactive workshops and social activities.


    The Introduction Course does not require specific knowledge or preparation. This course is especially useful for WASS PhD candidates that have just started their PhD project. For preparation, the PhD candidates could make a list of all the questions they have about WASS, the PhD process, and pitfalls that could occur during their PhD process.