WIAS Science Day: Broaden your Horizon!

The WIAS Science Day will take place on Wednesday April 30, 2014 at Orion (building nr. 103) at Wageningen Campus. The theme of this year’s WIAS Science Day is: Broaden your Horizon!

Organisator Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences

wo 30 april 2014

Locatie Orion, building number 103
Bronland 1
6708 WH Wageningen
+31 (0) 317 48 87 77

During the WIAS Science Day, PhD students of the graduate school WIAS (Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences) will present their research results as oral or poster presentation during two parallel sessions. Next to that, three keynote speakers will present their suggestions about how WIAS PhD students can broaden their “Horizon”. The keynote speakers are the following:

  1. Emeritus professor David Hughes who is an expert on the future developments in the food and feed industry. David Hughes advocates the idea that in the future people will eat more fish and less beef because of consumer concerns with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and inefficiency of production related to beef production. More information about him can be found on his website.
  2. Professor Joost van Neerven works at the Cell Biology and Immunology chairgroup of Wageningen University and at Friesland Campina. He will present preliminary data on the issue of airway immunity and the relation with (milk-based) nutrition.
  3. Dr. Peter van Baarlen, Assistant Professor from Host-Microbe Interactomics, Wageningen UR will give us more insight on the exciting and emerging field of network biology which shows the interconnectedness between species.

More information about the WIAS Science Day can be found by following this link. The final date for registration is 11th of April 2014. If you haven’t registered yet, kindly click here.

The WIAS Science Day will start at 8:30 h and end at 17:15 h and includes lunch. Emeritus professor David Hughes will give his presentation from 9:15-10:00 h, professor Joost van Neerven from 13:30-14:00 h and dr. Peter van Baarlen from 16:05-16:35 h. In between there are two parallel sessions in which WIAS PhD students present their work. There will be a poster session during lunch time (12:25-13:30 h). After 17:15 h, drinks and dinner will be served in the main hall of Zodiac (building nr. 122).