WUR @ Sahel Market Place

The Sahel region is changing quickly. As the political, economic and social situation in several countries in the Sahel Region is deteriorating, affecting the livelihoods of many vulnerable people, local stakeholders and foreign organizations are reconsidering their policies and interventions. More than ever, deeper understandings of the processes that can help mitigate the conflicts and insecurity in the Region are needed.

Organisator Impulse

di 19 november 2019 14:30 tot 17:00

Locatie Atlas, gebouwnummer 104
Zaal/kamer Atlas 2

Wageningen University & Research aspires to contribute to this by ‘getting its act together’, enhancing value creation of knowledge for policy makers and strengthening its capacity to respond to acute needs that emerge from the Sahel Region. Potential donors are highly appreciating this OneWageningen pro-active approach.

In this respect we are organizing a Sahel Market on November 19 at Atlas 2. We kindly invite you to participate and share your experience and insights in the Sahel region with your colleagues. Simultaneously, group discussion will be  organised to identify emerging research themes where WUR can contribute.


14:30 Opening by Louise O. Fresco, president Executive Board, Wageningen University & Research
14:45 Poster session
15;30 Break & Group formation
15:45 Group discussions
16:30 Synthesis and follow-up
17:00 Drinks


If you have affinity / work in the Sahel region you can participate, no costs involved.

For sharing your experience and insight we kindly ask you submit the poster through the Register button below. Please submit no later than Wednesday 15 November, so we can take care of the printing process. Posters submitted after this date are to be printed yourselves and taken to the meeting. The posters will also be used to produce a booklet showcasing WUR’s experience in the Sahel.