WUtalk: New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy


WUtalk: New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy (cancelled)

At the end of the hurricane season of 2012, a storm hit the coast of New Jersey, USA, that is now known as one of the most devastating storms in history: hurricane Sandy, also called superstorm or Frankenstorm Sandy. The storm surge flooded 300.000 homes along the shores of New Jersey.

We are sorry to announce that this WUtalk is cancelled. More information about the next WUtalk will be posted in August.

Organisator WUtalks

wo 8 juni 2016 20:00 tot 21:30

Locatie Forum, building number 102
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen

Marit Noest, student of Wageningen University - Master Landscape Architecture and Planning, visited the area 2,5 years after the storm and saw that many towns were built back the same way as they were before. She thought to herself: "Why? Is there a way that the coastal landscape can be rebuild more sustainable and ready for the next storm?" For her master's thesis, she made a film on the complex answers to these simple questions. 

During this WUtalk, Marit will address the paradoxes of American coastal management, show the film on how local parties view the issue of rebuilding after Sandy and discuss her design for a more sustainable coastal landscape. She will also explain why she made a film for her masterthesis.

This lecture is part of WUtalks, an inspiring series of free lectures where students, staff and alumni of Wageningen University and Research get the opportunity to share their hobby or passion.

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