WWF Session: Adapting to climate change - Disaster Risk Prevention in a long term perspective

The session will focus on preventing extreme events from becoming disasters rather than mitigating the effects and will highlight several examples of preventive action and ill provide room for discussion on the topic.

Organised by Water Systems and Global Change

Sun 12 April 2015 until Fri 17 April 2015

Venue 7th World Water Forum, Korea

The session aims to enhance awareness of the increasing disaster risks as a result of climate change, and to share and discuss perspectives on the issue. The session provides a response to disasters through an approach that takes a longterm perspective and aims at preventing and mitigating the effects of extreme events. The approach and the associated requirements are explained and highlighted through concrete examples. The session will also discuss how infrastructure can provide solutions for both water management and disaster response/prevention but can also “lock in” certain solutions. Ideally, short-term decisions on water management, land use and spatial planning should be linked to long-term issues but allow to keep options open for the future (adaptation pathways).

The results of the session will be put down in a document describing Disaster Risk Prevention as an approach towards improved disaster risk management and disaster preparedness. The session will thus provide a practical and workable approach that increases resilience against extreme events and aims to prevent hazards from becoming disasters based on a long term perspective.

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