Wageningen Alumni Meeting China, Sunday 5 June 2016

The official Wageningen Alumni Chapter China organizes several events throughout the year for alumni from Wageningen University in China. This upcoming alumni meeting is planned for Sunday 5 June 2016.

Organisator University Fund Wageningen

zo 5 juni 2016 14:00 tot 17:30

Locatie room 930, Ming De building, Renmin University, Beijing (明德主楼930,靠近人民大学西门)

Report of 5 June

The Wageningen UR alumni in China and Wageningen ETE group PhD candidates enjoyed a reunion and an environmental issue seminar on June 5th 2016, on Campus of Renmin University, with more than 40 alumni attended. The event is greatly supported by Remnin University and two Wageningen alumni who work for Renmin, Dr. Liu Jinlong and Dr. Zhang Lei. The seminar is the second alumni event organized by Wageningen UR alumni Chapter China this year, board member of the Chapter Ms. YAN Jie is the key coordinator.  

Chaired by Dr. Zhang Lei, the seminar was opened by a series of presentations, to give a general picture about the forest &climate change, water, soil and air pollution issue of China. According to the presentations, soil remediation, manure treatment and PM2.5 protection falls into the hottest environmental discussions. Prof. Huub Rijnaarts, group leader of the ETE students’ delegation also shared with us Advanced Treatment of Waste Streams, mineral reclaim out of waste streams, and even manure is a very new concept to China. There were many questions from ETE students. Most of them are very concerned about the air pollution of China, asked what measures have been taken to ease the air pollution by government, etc.

This is the first alumni seminar that focuses on environmental issues despite Wageningen ranks 4th internationally in terms of Environmental research capacity (previously we used to pay more attention to food and agricultural issues of China). It’s a great start with full support of alumni speakers and those who managed to join us on Sunday afternoon, we look forward to next!


14:00            welcome speech by prof. Liu Jinlong, professor of Renmin University
14:10-14:30  presentation by prof. Zhang Lei, Associate professor of Renmin University (on air pollution in China)
14:30-14:50  presentation by prof. Huub Rijnaarts (waste water treatment, livestock manure treatment)
14:50-15:10  presentation by prof. Liu Jinlong (forest and climate change)
15:10-15:30  presentation by ETE student (Arnoud de Wilt; Preliminary presentation title: Pharmaceutical removal by algae grown on source separated wastewater)
15:30-15:50  presentation by Dr. Liu Jixin (international office of Environmental protection ministry of China)
15:50-16:10  presentation by prof. Liping Weng, Wageningen UR (on soil pollution)
16:10-16:30  Q&A
16:30-17:30  coffee & tea & snacks & free talk


registration is possible via the form on the right. There is a maximum of 25 people for this event, so be sure to register quick.