Wageningen Alumni Meeting Ethiopia, Saturday 19 August 2017

All WUR Alumni in Ethiopia are invited to join the 1st Wageningen Alumni Event @ Mekelle University on Saturday 19 August 2017. The theme is "The Role of Ethiopian WUR Alumni in Combating Climate Change and Achieving Food Security"
It is a good chance to meet fellow Wageningen Alumni and to enlarge your professional network!

Organisator University Fund Wageningen

za 19 augustus 2017

Locatie Mekelle University Ethiopia

During this WUR alumni event/workshop the “role of WUR Alumni in Ethiopia combating climate change and achieving food security in Ethiopia” will be discussed.

Date: Saturday 19 August 2017

Time: 8.30-16.00 hrs.

Speakers (all WUR alumni):
Dr Emiru Brhane (Natural Resource Management in Ethiopia)
Dr Girmay Tesfay and/or Dr Girmay Gebresamuel (CASCAPE Experiences in Ethiopia)
Dr. Tedros Tadesse (Socio economy)
Dr. Beyene Dimtsu  (advantages and disadvantages of Biotechnology to Ethiopia)
Followed by a general discussion.