Alumni meeting

Wageningen Alumni Meeting in Beijing, Sunday 20 March 2016

The official Wageningen Alumni Chapter China organises several events throughout the year for alumni from Wageningen University in China. In 2016 the Wageningen Alumni Chapter China will kick-off the year with an inspiring event on Sunday the 20th of March in Beijing. This is an opportunity for alumni to network as well as experience the workings of a Friesland Campina dairy farm during a company visit.

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Sun 20 March 2016 14:00

Venue Zhongdi Friesland Campina Dairy Farm, 300m south of Zhaojiayu Village, DasungezhuangTown, Shunyi District,Beijing

Summary and photos

Wageningen UR alumni in China celebrated their first get-together of 2016 on March 20 at the Dairy farm of FrieslandCampina Zhongdi. The meeting was organized together by Wageningen UR alumni office, Wageningen UR China office as well as SDDDC. More than 40 alumni attended the event.

Official meeting was opened by Mr. Jan cortenbach, board member of Wageningen UR alumni chapter china and followed by three presentations given by Mr. Atze Schaap, Global Director Dairy Development at Royal FrieslandCampina, Mr. Liu Kai manager of SDDDC, and Dr. Prem S. Bindraban, Executive Director at Virtual Fertilizer Research Center respectively. The presentations about FrieslandCampina and SDDDC were very information intensive, alumni learned a lot about the Dairy sector, like Ranking of Dairy companies worldwide, why FrieslandCampina is interested in Chinese market, and what is the current situation of Chinese Dairy industry. The presentation of Dr. Prem Bindraban opened a new world to alumni about fertilizer, micronutrients and their function and interaction with soil. it was said by Prem that the soil and fertilizer science can be the fundamental science for many sciences, like food security, plant sciences, human nutrition, and environmental sciences due to the fundamental role of soil to plants, animal and food.

After the presentations, alumni were guided to the Dairy farm by the farm manager Mr. Zhang. Alumni visited four departments of the Dairy farm, including feed storage area, calf area, lactation dairy area, and milking plants. During the visit, alumni showed strong interests to many issues, like animal welfare, manure treatment, ration for feeds, as well as design of the milking system and milking house, and they are very satisfied with the introduction and the answers.

The final session of the alumni event was dinner networking, at which time alumni enjoyed free talking and introduction to each other. Board members of Wageningen UR Alumni Chapter China, prof. Han Beizhong and Mrs Jie Yan managed to guide a discussion about next possible alumni meeting in June, to combine alumni activity with the ETE students’ visit to China. People already showed strong interests to that, and three volunteers were found to guide the Beijing city tour for ETE students, contacts have been built up between the volunteers and ETE students by Jie.