Wageningen Alumni meeting Beijing, China, Saturday 19 September 2015

On Saturday 19 September the Wageningen Alumni Chapter China organised its fourth meeting this year in Beijing. The meeting took place in the Miyun district of Beijing, where the agri-eco base of Huiyuan is located. More than 40 alumni attended the meeting.

First we paid a visit to the juice production factory of Huiyuan juice group, the leading juice company in China, to learn more about the history and products of Huiyuan. Next we visited the agri-valley, the stone and wine museum, and the production greenhouses of the company.

In the morning, Prof. Raoul Bino, Dr. Xiaoyong Zhang and Dr. Zhen Liu had a fruitful meeting with the vice president and other top managers of Huiyuan Agriculture, to discuss the potential collaboration opportunities between Wageningen UR and Huiyuan Agricultural. Huiyuan Agricultural has over 100 million mu (1ha =15 mu) arable land in China where the production of consumer products such as fruit, vegetables, tea, meat and dairy is combined with developing a better living environment and preservation of nature and agricultural resources. This way of producing fits to the domains of all five sciences groups of Wageningen UR. Afterwards Prof. Raoul Bino, Dr. Xiaoyong Zhang and Dr. Zhen Liu joined all alumni for a wonderful organic lunch.

The official part of the alumni meeting started after lunch, chaired by Dr. Xiaoyong Zhang, business development manager China. Both president Zhu Xinli of Huiyuan group and Board member of WageningenUR Prof. Raoul Bino, gave welcome speeches to the present alumni. Alumni Chapter China Secretary Ms. Yan Jie, Alumni Representative Ms. Qu Xueping, and Vice President Huiyuan Mr. Lu Jianxin also gave presentations. The present alumni had an enthusiastic discussion with President Zhu Xinli about Huiyuan’s strategy and technology. Topics included: the branding of Huiyuan wine, seed breeding of tomatoes, the market positioning of Huiyuan agriculture, etcetera. Time was too short for in-depth Q&A. For that reason Mr. Zhu suggested the whole participating group would connected to each other by WeChat for future discussions.  

The alumni meeting turned out to be very successful. The Wageningen alumni enjoyed the day very much!

Some feedback for future activities from the alumni who attended the alumni activity:

1)   Zhengzheng: The leisure agriculture model of Huiyuan is worth to be further developed in China, perhaps a nice topic for an alumni meeting?

2)   Liu Tiantian: The Alumni Chapter China connects Wageningen Alumni tightly through activities. Furthermore, the leading juice company gave me a new understanding about food chain, logistic chain, interne etc. Huiyuan deserved its position in the juice industry.   

3)   Zi Ru: All food are organic, it is such a happy day!

4)   Li Yuan: I want to give a presentation about food technology the next time!

5)   Liu Wei: I wish the Alumni Chapter China could organize regular discussions about scientific topics.