Alumni meeting

Wageningen Alumni meeting Beijing, China, Sunday 26 April 2015

On Sunday April 26 30 Wageningen Alumni got together in the beautiful botanic garden of Chinese Academy Sciences in Beijing.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Sun 26 April 2015 09:45

Venue 中国科学院植物研究所北京植物园-北门, 北京市海淀区香山南辛村20号

Thanks to the organizer and sponsor, senior alumni Prof. Liu Chunming, alumni enjoyed a great meal at a lovely place in the garden. Thanks should also be given to Prof. Qi Xiaoquan, Zheng Zheng, Zhang Cheng, Zhang Zhao, Gong Kun and Qu Changle, who gave great support during the organization of this meeting.

The meeting was opened by Yan Jie, Secretary of Wageningen UR Alumni Chapter China, by introducing organizer, co-organizers and president of Alumni Chapter in China. Afterwards everyone introduced themselves.

It turns out their experience in Wageningen did not only bring alumni a successful career, but also a spouse. We had five married couples present that day, all graduates from Wageningen UR! As an ending remark, Prof. Han Beizhong, President of Wageningen UR Alumni Chapter China, gave a short introduction of the chapter and the two boards, and most important of all, its function and aim, and our devotion to engage Wageningen alumni in China. After the meal, prof. Liu Chunming guided the alumni at a wonderful visit to the botanic garden, where alumni very much enjoyed the rich collection of plants.

Visit to Rui Xue Global Co

Saturday 16 May, the senior alumni couple, Mr. Huang Ruiqing and Ms. Qu Xueping will invite alumni to their company for a visit. The couple is running a greenhouse in Beijing, planting many varieties of flowers. We will ask them to tell their stories of starting a company and share their entrepreneurship to alumni.