Wageningen Data Competence Center presents: Science under pressure opens up/effects of COVID-19

Do you know the provenance of your data? Can you demonstrate their reliability if your publication is challenged? Is your modeling tool open for review? Can you convince readers of the quality of your simulation results?

Organisator Wageningen Data Competence Center

wo 23 september 2020 16:00 tot 17:00

Locatie Join the Microsoft Teams meeting

Some high profile research on COVID-19 received considerable international attention after publication, exactly for these question. This directly relates to our work on Data Management and Quality Standards for Simulation Models. WUR Data Management Support and the WR Modeling Group, supported by WDCC, are currently active in these areas. We would like to present you these two cases and discuss their meaning to our WUR research practice.


  • Introduction & Welcome, Willem Jan Knibbe
  • Use Case: Modeling the Pandemic, Erik van den Bergh
  • Use Case: Company Data on COVID-19 Treatment, Jacquelijn Ringersma
  • Discussion: What is our current practice? What do we need? Yannick van Gelder

This webinar is part of a WDCC online series. Keep following us on Intranet via Data@WUR