Wageningen Dialogue

Wageningen Dialogue - Cutting across the silos

Food producers worldwide are facing complex and multidisciplinary challenges. At Wageningen University & Research (WUR), we are with many students and inspiring researchers working every day to find new solutions, but our research is still divided in silos. How can we shape food systems together?

Organisator Organised by Boerengroep, in cooperation with Wageningen Dialogues

di 27 maart 2018 19:15 tot 22:00

Locatie 100 years location (Wageningen campus)

The diversity of innovations in food production being developed at WUR is enormous. But do you know what your fellow student is doing? Or do you ever work together with students from different study areas? Dialogue between different studies is limited. During this evening, we invite you to look across the divide, guided by questions that young researchers and farmers are facing in their quest for sustainable food production. How can a circular farm revalue its side streams? How to reduce dependence on fossil fuels?

All will happen in an open and informal setting, called World Café. This setting gives space for all of you to join the conversation and actively exchange ideas. We will see how our ideas may match and how our differences may contribute to overcome complex challenges. Our potential to shape truly sustainable food systems may be even greater than we think, if we shape them together.

Special guest Ernst van den Ende will open the evening. The dialogue will be facilitated by Perspectivity Network. Keep an eye on the Facebook event to see what other speakers to expect!

Participation is for free. Don’t forget to subscribe, so we have an idea who will be coming.
After the dialogue, we invite you all to enjoy a drink together.

This dialogue is organised by Boerengroep, in cooperation with Wageningen Dialogues.