Wageningen Open 2016: International Debate Tournament on campus

On July 16th and 17th the second edition of Wageningen Open will take place on campus. Over 60 participants from different organizations in The Netherlands and abroad will be debating in Impulse & Actio in this tournament.

Organisator Wageningen Debating

za 16 juli 2016 tot zo 17 juli 2016

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

The board and members of  Wageningen Debating with support from the management of Impulse have been working hard to host debaters, judges and visitors of Wageningen Open 2016. The debaters will compete in 5 debates in order to determine who will qualify for the semi-finals and finals. Beside this open category there is also the qualification for the Novice finals for debaters that haven’t been debating on an university level for a long time.

The topics vary and are drawn from different fields by an international group of experienced debaters and judges. Each motion will be shown 15 minutes in advance to the teams so that they can prepare their assigned position (which isn’t necessarily their personal opinion).

The top 4 teams will battle for the title of Wageningen Champion of 2016 in the speaker’s corner of Impulse, Sunday at 15.30. The full schedule of the debates is as follows:

Saturday 16/7
10.30 Round 1
12.30 Round 2
14.30 Lunch
15.30 Round 3
17.30 Round 4

Sunday 17/7
10.00 Round 5
12.30 Finalists announcements
13.00: Novice Finals & Semi-Finals
14.30: Lunch
15.30: Finals
18.00: Ending

For all of those interested in persuasion, rhetoric, argumentation and public speaking; this tournament is the perfect example of how these can be all combined.

The pre-rounds and the finals of Wageningen Open 2016 are open for everyone to enjoy.