Wageningen University During World War II

Special guest speakers: Prof. dr. G.H Bolt, Yuran Leffers, Bob Kernkamp

Organisator Studium Generale

di 13 mei 2014 17:30 tot 19:30

Locatie Hotel de Wereld, Capitulatiezaal – 5 Mei Plein , Wageningen

Studium Generale WUR  & Stichting “Wageningen 45” present:

How did the  Nazi occupation of Wageningen influence the university and shape the daily lives of students and staff? Studium Generale and Stichting “Wageningen 45” welcome a wartime alumni and other special guests for an evening of personal recollections and historical insights. In a monumental setting find out first- hand how students could take clandestine exams avoiding the occupying forces. Listen to unique diary excerpts detailing the lives of Wageningen students who ended up in work camps. Discover the wartime role of student organisations. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear how the Second World War touched the lives of those in Wageningen.


Special guest speakers:

Prof. Dr. G.H Bolt

Yuran Leffers

Bob Kernkamp

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