Wageningen University Students’ Lives During World War II

Studium Generale WUR & Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulaties 1945 present Liberation Lecture:

How did the Nazi occupation of Wageningen influence the university and shape the daily lives of students and staff? Studium Generale and Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulaties 1945, invite you to discover how the political realities deeply scarred academic life in Wageningen during World War II. In a monumental setting find out what role student organisations played in context of Nazi occupation. Hear what it was like to takes classes or write exams during the war. And what about the chilling choices students and staff were confronted with? Listen to unique diary excerpts detailing the lives of Wageningen students who ended up in work camps. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear how the Second World War touched the lives of those in Wageningen.

Organisator Studium Generale

wo 20 mei 2015 20:00

Locatie Hotel de Wereld (5 Mei Plein, Wageningen)
Zaal/kamer Capitulatie Zaal

Special guest speakers:

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This event is a cooperation between Studium Generale and Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulaties1945.

Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulaties 1945

In the past 70 years people in The Netherlands live in Peace and Freedom. This seems to the Dutch a very normal matter, and mostly is not considered as something important or to pay attention to conflicts close by and far away.

Wageningen45 wants to continuously draw attention to the fact that Peace and Freedom are not to be taken for granted. We do this by:

  • Reflecting on the moments when the Netherlands regained its current status in peace and freedom; the capitulations by Germany and Japan in 1945
  • Honouring and commemorating those who have dedicated their life for peace and freedom we now live
  • Showing respect for those who on behalf of our country have served for Peace, Freedom and Security, anywhere in the world
  • Being aware of Peace and Freedom by celebrating this.
  • Providing a platform for discussion of themes that may promote Peace, Freedom and Security, around the world

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