Want to improve your job interview skills?

On the 18th of April, IxESN, UniPartners and VeSte are organizing a seminar with Keep Company Coaching. A professional coach will learn you everything about the personal success at job interviews.

Organised by UniPartners

Wed 18 April 2018 19:30 to 22:00

Venue Plus Ultra, gebouwnummer D
Price EUR 10.00

How familiar are you with your own communication skills? How is your way of communication affecting others? How will this influence the way you will communicate? These questions will be answered during the seminar on the 18th of April. 

In order to participate in the seminar it is important to make an assessment before the seminar. This is possible via the website. Be aware: choose the program 'Likie'. After finishing the assessment you will receive your feedback and you will have unlimited access to the application. 

During the seminar we will discover everything about your behavior, with a lot of practical examples about collaboration and communication.

19.30 uur Walk-in
20.00 uur Presentations of organisations
20.15 uur KEEP Training, part 1
21.00 uur Break
21.15 uur KEEP Training, part 2