Water governance in England & Wales: Improving understandings and practices through systemic co-inquiry

Knowing and learning for sustainability and water managing are an increasing part of various research, policy and action agendas. This is evident in, for instance, an increasing emphasis on knowledge exchange in natural resource managing and learning as a fundamental part of efforts towards adaptation and water governance.

Organised by Strategic Communication, Knowledge Technology and Innovation, Philosophy

Thu 3 December 2015 14:00

Venue Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Room C75

Kevin Collins, Open University in Milton Keynes (UK)

This seminar draws on work undertaken as part of the CADWAGO project exploring social learning and systems approaches in water governance. The focus is on CADWAGO’s contribution to the development of a national catchment based approach (CABA) in England and Wales since 2012 to address gaps identified in the 1st round of the WFD river basin planning cycle. The design and outcomes of a systemic co-inquiry into CABA with senior policy-makers and stakeholders are explored and assessed. The paper concludes with a critical perspective on ways in which systemic co-inquiries can be used to improve and transform understandings and practices for water governance.

Dr Kevin Collins is a senior lecturer in the Applied Systems Thinking in Practice (ASTiP) group at the Open University, UK. A geographer by training, his research work explores the relationships between systems approaches, social learning and water managing. Much of this is action research and involves policy-making and stakeholder communities in different country contexts. Currently, he is working on social learning perspectives on catchment based approaches in the UK and on the social impacts of drought.