Wendy Bos - 50mph


Wendy Bos - 50mph

A few years ago the otter was reintroduced to the Netherlands. Alterra Wageningen UR follows these animals by doing fieldwork and DNA research. The latest results show that the otter population keeps on growing and expanding into new habitats. Unfortunately,
inbreeding and traffic casualties are increasing.


vr 3 april 2015 tot vr 22 mei 2015

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Our living environment is so different from its natural origins that we are seeking a nature experience that can overwhelm us and is beyond our control. The successful reintroduction of the otter can be seen as a symbol for the recovery of the Dutch landscape. The otter situation also shows how the demands of

the modern day human can conflict with the demands of nature. As a photographer I like to focus on this desire to experience the wild in contrast with our natural instincts and ability to control and manipulate our surroundings.