Will Wageningen University make it beyond 2040?

Prof dr. Bert van der Zwaan, Rector Utrecht University and writer of the book: ‘Higher Education in 2040’. We need your contribution in discussing the future of Wageningen University! We invite students, lecturers, researchers and staff to engage in this discussion.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Mon 26 June 2017 19:30 to 22:00

Venue Forum, gebouwnummer 102

Questions to be discussed are:

·       What kind of a University do we wish to be in 2040: a broad research university for only some excellent students, a niche university for worldwide life science education,  part of a network university in the Netherlands?

·       Are these realistic options in the nearby future or will there only be a few world scale, top quality universities to offer the equipment, the finances and an inspirational cultural environment where scientific education can blossom?

·       Is it possible to stick to our core values of independency, trustfulness and science for impact? Will diminishing public finances force us to explore other directions?

Professor Bert van de Zwaan will briefly present his findings during his exploration of the future of modern higher education. Amongst others Rector Arthur Mol will reflect on his findings and, of course, the ultimate goal is to have a fruitful discussion.

On behalf of Arthur Mol and the WUR working group Strategic Plan ‘Future of Wageningen University’, we would like to invite all Wageningen University students and employees to attend this interesting session and to share their thoughts and ideas!