Wind surfing

Organisator Wageningen University

vr 22 juni 2018 18:30 tot 22:30

Have you ever thought about going windsurfing, but never had the opportunity to actually do so? We’re going windsurfing on the 22nd of June at windsurf association Aeolus in Linden! Take this opportunity to get those summer vibes and enjoy some windsurfing on the Kraaijenbergse plassen. Hurry up if you want to join, as there are only 23 available spots.

The costs for this experience are €11 for students with sport rights and €13.50 for those without. In return, you’ll receive transport to Linden and back, get windsurfing lessons, participate an active evening full of water sports, and an really nice experience!

You can subscribe up to and including June the 7th and your subscription will be complete once you transfer the subscription fee to NL66 RABO 0367 0126 26 in the name of SWU Thymos stating ‘name + windsurf’.

Subscribe here!