Workshop 'From the Sugar Platform to Biofuels & Biochemicals'


Workshop 'From the Sugar Platform to Biofuels & Biochemicals'

What are the possible applications of sugars obtained through biorefinery? And what are possible barriers and success factors for the processing industry? On Thursday October 2nd, Wageningen UR, E4tech and RE-CORD will be organising a workshop entitled “From the Sugar Platform to Biofuels & Biochemicals” during which they hope to find answers to these and several other questions. The workshop is at the major European biochemicals conference, EFIB, in Reims.

Organisator Wageningen UR (NL), E4tech (UK) and RE-CORD (IT)

do 2 oktober 2014 09:00 tot 12:50

Locatie Reims, France

During an interactive workshop, the organising parties hope to reach an agreement on the criteria for an EU competitiveness assessment based on the results of available pathways mapping (including status and success factors and barriers). They would like to cordially invite interested parties from the industry to join the event. Their input will provide the EC with a valuable evidence base as to how different sugar platform options should best be supported going forwards.

Please send an e-mail to to register for this workshop, as spaces are limited. Attending the workshop is free of charge, however, as a parallel event alongside EU BC&E 2014, attendees will need to be registered for the main conference for least one day.