Workshop Navigating your Career - Full

This Career Compass workshop offers students/alumni the opportunity to receive guidance on their career question(s). This workshop is offered by: Jan Willem Bruil (Experienced trainer and coach at LOB Expertise Center (LOB stands for Loopbaanontwikkeling en -begeleiding/Careerorientation and Consulting) Elizabeth Oenema (Registered NOLOC Career Coach)

Organised by Student Career Services

Tue 25 May 2021 11:30 to 12:30

Duration Online workshop via MS Teams

Your question will be the starting point to use the Career Compass. By means of 5 reflective questions, you will “walk” through the compass, in the meantime reflecting on these 5 questions:

1: What am I already capable of doing (what are my capacities that I possess and can use solving this problem)
2: What drives me and what is important to me[J1] (in respect to my job/internship/career)
3: Where can I find it (where to find my suitable work environment/company/institution)
4: How can I be in control (how can I do it)
5: Who can help me (networking)

In a safe and small scale setting (maximum 4 participants) the coaches and the participants will guide you through the different steps of the Career Navigating Wheel. Expect this to be an interactive workshop where you will be both active as a participant next to listening and providing help and feedback to your peers.

Note: as we can only have a maximum of 4 participants for this workshop (online version), first come first serve. The workshop will be offered twice this month. After evaluating this workshop we will offer it more often.