Agro Hi-tech conferentie (voertaal is Engels)

Organisator Agrobiznis (Bonnier AB)

do 9 december 2021 09:00 tot 15:00

Prijsomschrijving free of charge

Digital twins – virtual versions of a product

Wageningen University & Research aims to develop Digital Twins as digital replicas of living objects, systems or processes, such as cells, plants, animals, humans and ecosystems, and inanimate objects, such as food and supply chains. Digital Twins can be used to describe, analyze and simulate processes and organisms through data-integration, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This not only allows us to better understand, describe and analyze reality, it also enables us to investigate future scenarios of these objects more accurately. The presentation will give an overview of the WUR investment theme devoted to Digital Twins.

Speaker bio: Dr Willem Jan Knibbe is director of the Wageningen Data Competence Center (WDCC) of Wageningen University & Research. The WDCC targets the development and application of expertise in data intensive methods and technology in education and research for the living environment. He has a PhD in Physics & Astronomy and has worked for many years in various data intensive environments on scientific research and its applications.


Agrobiznis is a project that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture and the food processing industry. Agrobiznis draws attention to companies, individuals and organizations with new marketing approaches and new food production technologies or business models which would lead to faster development of both industries and to greater food self-sufficiency. The key content pillars of the Agrobiznis project are entrepreneurship, rural tourism and new technologies. Agrobiznis organizes various seminars, forums and conferences.