Helikon Kwartet at NJO Music Summer

The Helikon Kwartet, will present their musical story about nature and humanity during the NJO Music Summer. Dr. ir. Rob Swart, project manager at WUR, will start the programme with a brief introduction on climate change.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

ma 13 augustus 2018 19:00 tot 21:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Dr. ir. Rob Swart, project manager Climate change at WUR, will give a short introduction (in Dutch) on climate and art at 19:00 hours. The programme will end at 20:45 hours, at which point, inspired by the beautiful concert by the Helikon ladies, you can join in an interesting discussion on the themes led by Swart.

NJO Music Summer

The NJO Music Summer is an annual summer festival that takes place throughout the province of Gelderland. The event is organised by the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands, an organisation that focuses on the development of young toptalents. Upcoming music professionals take the lead role in more than 60 concerts that make up the NJO Music Summer. The festival offers something for everyone, ranging from orchestras, opera, chamber music, dance, music theatre and family shows to adventurous trips by bicycle or on foot. Moreover, these concerts are held at the most extraordinary locations of the province of Gelderland.


You can claim your ticket on the website Employees and students of Wageningen University get a discount on tickets:
Employees can use the code 'Muziekzomer01' to go to the concert for only € 11.
Students can use the code 'Muziekzomer02' to go to the concert for only € 7,50.

Helikon Kwartet

The Helikon Quartet is an energetic string quartet that was founded in 2015. This Music Summer the Helikon quartet responds musically to the current theme of climate change. Composer Pēteris Vasks is very committed to this subject and puts it into nearly all of his compositions, including his Third String Quartet. Ryan Probert, winner of the National Youth Orchestra composition commission that was a part of his prize at the Young Composers Meeting, was inspired by this topic as well. His work will premiere during this Music Summer. Another subject that will be addressed is that of human destruction by conflict. The Helikon Quartet will play the moving Eighth String Quartet by Shostakovich, which is dedicated to victims of fascism and war.

Let yourself be swept away by a musical story about nature and humanity, whilst savouring the beautiful perfomance by the Helikon ladies.      

Marieke Kosters - violin

Stella Zake - violin

Lotus de Vries - viola

Renate Apperloo - cello