Inspired decision making

MSc thesis research, results and discussion. Case study for MSc Organic Agriculture WUR students.

Organisator Impulse

do 20 juni 2019 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

A new approach for decision-making which include the experiences beyond the knowledge.

Sergi Domenech-Carbo is a Master student of Organic Agriculture who has loved gardening since he was a child. During this interactive lunch lecture, you will not only discover the inspired approach and how it can be implemented in your daily life, Sergi will also present the results for the case study of five MSc Master students of Organic agriculture. He called it “inspired decision-making”. Hopefully their experiences implementing the approach can inspire you.

During all these years of taking care of plants, Sergi had to take a lot of decisions related to gardening such as how to prune or whether plough the soil or not. To take these decisions he tried to understand how the plants grow and their relations with other components of the system (like weeds, companion plants, soils and so on). Choices that became extremely complex due to the multiplicity of interrelations between these components. Despite all efforts his efforts, he always felt a lack of information to make a proper decision.

Since the time to find decent information was limited (gardening as a hobby), the only solution he found was to base the decisions on his own feelings, observations or even intuition. Establishing a kind of connection with the plants or the garden, as he expressed. Sergi admitted that, though he made a lot of mistakes, these “connected” decisions bring him joy and a lot of experiences from which he learns a lot. Not only on how to garden, but also contributing in his personal development. For instance, he learnt to be patient and to trust the rhythm of life.

Recently, when he was looking for a topic for the MSc Thesis, these gardening experiences came back to his mind, from which he decided to research a new approach for decision-making which include the experiences beyond the knowledge. He called it “inspired decision-making”. However, Sergi didn’t seek to develop an approach for only his hobby or farming, he wanted to apply it in all daily life choices. Thus, the inspired approach was researched to be ready-applicable for everyone interested, whatever the discipline or context. This was possible because the inspired approach is grounded in the current experience as a human. Experience that everyone has by the simple reason of existing, and which includes all feelings, fears, thoughts, suffering, persons or any situations that happen here and now. Experiences with an extreme potential.

Acknowledgments from Sergi; with love and deep gratitude to all participants, the three supervisors, and to all wonderful beings I met during this journey.