Lunchlecture: Internet of (Agricultural) Things

What are the opportunities and challenges of Big Data@WUR? We invite you to take part in the discussion how to valorize our potential.

Organisator Impulse

ma 27 februari 2017 12:30 tot 13:30

Big Data is one of the emerging trendy topics of this decade. It is not just a trend, but it foresees to be (and maybe is) a leading characteristic of our nearby future. Digitalization and automation of our society takes place in an increasing pace, and likewise the amount of data we (can) collect and base our work on, also in the agri-food and life science.
Wageningen University and Research has an exceptional area of expertise, ranging from a wide range of applied disciplines and from the scale of genes and molecules to global ecosystems. The knowledge and data generated in our work add up to a vast and interesting pool of data that, by smart and strategic linkages, can be more valuable than the sum of its parts. To Valorize this potential requires an open mind for internal and external collaboration, there this lunchlecure series is being organized.

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