Design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs)

CDI is launching its new publication 'The MSP Guide' on 6 October in Theatre Junushoff, Wageningen. This Guide, written by Herman Brouwer and Jim Woodhill with Minu Hemmati, Karèn Verhoosel and Simone van Vugt, helps readers how to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs).

Organisator Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

di 6 oktober 2015 14:00 tot 17:30

Locatie Junushoff Theatre

The guide has been written for those directly involved in MSPs - as a stakeholder, leader, facilitator or funder - to provide both the conceptual foundations and practical tools that underpin successful partnerships.

In recent years, multi-stakeholder partnerships have become popular for tackling the complex challenges of sustainable development. This guide provides a practical framework for the design and facilitation of these collaborative processes that work across the boundaries of business, government, civil society and science. The guide links the underlying rationale for multi-stakeholder partnerships, with a clear four phase process model, a set of seven core principles, key ideas for facilitation and 60 participatory tools for analysis, planning and  decision making.

The book launch will be preceded by a seminar, with contributions by authors and other experts from inside and outside of Wageningen UR. They will reflect on the fast growth of multi-stakeholder partnerships as a preferred modality for tackling complex challenges such as global food security and sustainability. Also, attention will be given to the competencies that are needed to support stakeholder collaboration – and how these can be strengthened in order to ensure that MSPs deliver innovative outcomes. Listen to and interact with:

  • Dr Jim Woodhill - Principal Sector Specialist for Food Security and Rural Development at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Former Director of CDI, Wageningen UR;
  • Dr Domenico Dentoni - Assistant Professor, Management Studies Wageningen University & Principal Investigator, Global Center for Food Systems Innovation;
  • Dr Minu Hemmati - Psychologist working independently on designing, facilitating and coaching multi-stakeholder processes for sustainability and gender justice. Author of "Multi-stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability: Beyond Deadlock and Conflict" (Earthscan, 2002);
  • Bert Ronhaar - Former Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Nigeria. Special Envoy of The Netherlands to Nigeria for the conflict over pollution in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta;
  • Herman Brouwer - Multi-stakeholder engagement specialist working at CDI, Wageningen UR, and accredited partnership broker (PBA);
  • Prof. dr. Jack van der Vorst - Director of the Social Sciences Group, Wageningen UR;
  • 30 international participants of the 3-week MSP course, organised by CDI.

14:00 - 16:15 Seminar: Design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs): insights from practice and theory
16:30 - 17:30 Book launch: The MSP Guide

Junushoff Theatre
Plantsoen 3
6701 AS Wageningen

Everybody who is interested is welcome. Participation is free. Registration can be done via the orange button.

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