Online FAO side event about salinity

Salinity levels are increasing in deltas and (semi) arid areas worldwide. Changes of the food systems are essential to ensure global food security. An integrated approach supports transformation of food systems by analysing current and future options for saline environments jointly with stakeholders. In all sectors (research, policy and application) action is needed and is being taken. Innovative technological and organisational solutions are also needed in all domains of the salinity topic (water, soil, crop). In this session we walk the talk and show inspirational cases and the connection between policy, research, and application within all domains.

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) organise an online side event of the FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022. Together with Netherlands Food Partnership and Netherlands Water Partnership as facilitators of the Dutch Saline Water & Food Partnership.

Organisator Wageningen Environmental Research

do 13 oktober 2022 09:00 tot 10:30

Locatie Online
09.00 Introduction (Saline Water & Food System Partnership)
09.10 Creating opportunities for salt-affected farmland (Arjen de Vos, The Salt Doctors)
09.30 Management of salinity for growing agronomic crops in the coastal area of Bangladesh (Prof. Shaminmia and Md. Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan)
09.45 Policy-science interface (Judit Snethlage, Wageningen University & Research)
09.55 View on the role of public sector (Agricultural Counsellor, Dutch Embassy in Low- and Middle-Income Country)
10.00 Participants invited to share experiences and innovations which support smallholders to deal with salinity
10.25 Closing remarks (Kate Negacz, International Network of Salt-Affected Soils)
10.30 Closure