Op weg naar vergelijkende pan-genomics

Promovendus mr. S (Siavash) Sheikhizadeh Anari
Promotor D (Dick) de Ridder
Copromotor prof.dr. ME (Eric) Schranz
dr. S (Sandra) Smit
Organisatie Wageningen University, Leerstoelgroep Bioinformatics

do 12 november 2020 11:00 tot 12:30


Samenvatting (Engelstalig):

Pan-genomes have received a lot of attention in recent years. However, existing pan-genomic tools are mostly specialized to the human genome and do not scale to large collections of structurally dynamic genomes, such as plant genomes. In this thesis, we investigate computational methods to compress large sets of related genomes into a pan-genome with basic functionalities for construction, update and exploration of such pan-genomes.