Provisioning healthy and diverse foods to the urban poor in Nigeria: a practice-based perspective on informal ready-to-eat food vending

Promovendus Kehinde KP (Kehinde) Adeosun
Promotor PJM (Peter) Oosterveer
Copromotor dr. MF (Mary) Greene
Organisatie Leerstoelgroep Milieubeleid

ma 3 juli 2023 16:00 tot 17:30

Locatie Omnia
Zaal/kamer Auditorium

Samenvatting (engelstalig)

Access to food is of central relevance for food
security, health, and sustainability of people around the world. In recent
years, many developing urban centers in Africa and throughout the Global South
have witnessed a shift in how the urban poor access their food from
household-based to increasingly out-of-home food consumption. The lives of
these poor urban dwellers have undergone significant transformations as a
result of urban development and changing infrastructure. These developments
have spurred the expansion of informal ready-to-eat food vending. In several
decades, street foods have become an important, informal, part of the urban
food supply system. However, there are many concerns about the safety and diversity of food purchased from these food outlets. This thesis therefore explores the social dynamics characterizing informal ready-to-eat food vending and consuming with a focus on health and diversity to look for ways to address the current challenges.