Salinity and climate smart agriculture: Understand, connect and act now!

This session brings together government representatives of the Global South and of the North, international partnerships hosted by the FAO, as well as business, civil society and researchers to address head on the challenge of salinity (a water scarcity and land degradation issue). This is increasingly becoming one of the important global challenges for food production and biodiversity, due to climate change with significant global impact.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

di 9 november 2021 18:00 tot 18:45

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The session presents different solutions related to sustainable water and soil management practices as well as halophyte agriculture as an emerging response and a sustainable opportunity for adapting farming and food production systems in several parts of the world, in both the Global South and the North. The stakeholders involved include governments, UN agencies, academic and research institutions, the private sector and civil society, who are actively collaborating to find innovative solutions to salinity in agriculture. FAO and several international institutions support these initiatives, through research on food systems, assessing current and future options for action addressing this challenge. 

The emerging outcome is a dynamic and inclusive international collaboration through partnerships that are streamlining the efforts to optimize the return on investments. They have created synergies that accelerate the development of sustainable and climate smart agriculture on saline lands with tangible results for improved food security, enhanced resilience of the vulnerable communities and protecting the natural resource base.

Involved parties session: Government of The Netherlands, FAO, WASAG, GSP-INSAS, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), VU.