SG - classRoomService 2021

Studium Generale presents ‘classRoomService’, an on campus Theatre Music Dance festival. Nine lecture and other rooms in Orion, Forum and Impulse are transformed into small theatres, music clubs and stages to celebrate the arts.

Organisator Studium Generale

do 11 november 2021

On Thursday 11 November we present the renewed Student Room Cultural Festival ‘RoomService’, but now On Campus. So it becomes a classRoomService. Nine places in Orion, Forum and Impulse are transformed into theatres, music clubs and stages to celebrate the arts.

Within each room there will be a 25 minutes show with a variety of music, dance, theatre and storytelling. There are three rounds in which all nine acts are performed. So you choose for every round to which act you would like to go and buy for each round a ticket for the act you want to experience. In between the rounds you will have 20 minutes to bike or walk your way to the next act on the next location.

Ticket sale open now!

Tickets can be bought online only via the registration form below. The ticket sale closes on Thursday 11 November at 15.00 hrs or earlier when we are sold out.

  • Tickets for classRoomService are only available for WUR students and employees.
  • The ticket price for three shows is only € 7,50.
  • Tickets can be paid via Ideal or Credit card only!
  • After registration and payment you will receive an email that should be printed and shown at the entrance of each round. This email will be sent at the latest on Thursday 11 November in the afternoon.

Nine acts to choose from

Anastasis Sarakatsanos (Storytelling)

Forum Conference Room 031/034

Anastasis Sarakatsanos

Anastasis is a story-teller. Stories to heal the heart, tickle the mind and keep the body warm. Stories to find ourselves and each other. Stories to help us save the world or at least to navigate this post-apocalyptic version of it. Anastasis Sarakatsanos was born in Athens. Since 2015 he lives in Amsterdam, where he develops his work in storytelling and music, writing and directing shows as well as curating and hosting storytelling and music events.

Sherise Strang - Araneo 2.0 (Dance)

Forum B 0417

Sherise Strang

Sherise and Gianine Strang take you away into an intimate setting. Araneo 2.0 is a duet around the theme of captivity and relations. How do these two relate; how do they reflect each other? What is freedom? How free can you be in a relational world? And how can this be translated and shown in their bodies?

Billy Mullaney: SEMESTER (Theatre)

Forum B 0404

Bill Mullaney

In SEMESTER, Billy Mullaney (US) delivers a full graduate-level quantum mechanics lecture from MIT. The lecture humorously exploits the gap between knowledge and understanding. What emerges when the burden of understanding is removed? The musicality and poetry of the scientific language, perhaps, or the hieroglyphic aesthetics of the equations? A reverent awe for the mathematics that govern the very fabric of spacetime? A paranoid distrust of the educational system?

Pieter de Graaf (Music)

Impulse, Speakers Corner

Pieter de Graaf

Pieter de Graaf is playing the piano without limits of genre, style or formats. His creativity, search for freedom and restless soul bring him everywhere in his musical journeys of discovery. Starting from minimalistic melodies Pieter takes the listener away on a unique and overwhelming listening experience. Pieter de Graaf played with Colin Benders in the Kyteman Orchestra, played in a hiphop collective from Utrecht and has his own jazz trio. And for one of his  solo releases he won an Edison.

Janna Handgraaf:  Grandmother Solo (Theatre)

Impulse, Restaurant

Janna Handgraaf

Grandmother Solo goes on holiday. And she has chosen for Camping Harmony. Where she puts up her tent and gets involved in a small adventure. Mask theatre about getting old, about empathy and .... don’t forget the cookies! Janna Handgraaf plays with masks to tell her story.

Ruben Chi (Dance)

Orion Noordzee

Ruben Chi
Ruben Chi is a movement artist, a groundbreaking dancer and choreographer researching the connection between movement, music and spirituality. He opens up the boundaries of dance as he performs and teaches all over the globe. He has continuously gained recognition in his craft by becoming the “Summerdance Forever” winner, as well as being the “Juste Debout” Holland winner 5 times-in-a-row. Since then, he has built a sustainable hip-hop dance community in his city Arnhem with Soulcypher, where it all started, whilst becoming the co-founder of Ghetto Funk Collective.

Leon Brill: TOT ONZE GROTE SPIJT… (Theatre)

Forum B 413

Leon Brill

Terwijl iedereen een perfect leven leidt, stond voormalig redder des vaderlands Leon Brill vanochtend met zijn sok in een plas water. Hij besloot er een solo over te maken. ‘Tot onze grote spijt…’ is een ode aan de mislukking. Een feestelijke afwijzing waarin we gezamenlijk de algemene teleurstelling die het leven heet vieren. Succes gegarandeerd!

Rob Sweere: SOUNDSOURCING (Music)

Ground Floor Orion – Forum side

Rob Sweere

Lying down you go wherever the sound takes you. SOUNDSOURCING is a sound journey experience travelling through soundscapes. A journey in which time does not exist. A journey in a different but completely autonomous reality. You move from space to space and from sensation to sensation. A journey without beginning or an end. All soundscapes are created live by Rob Sweere using only his voice and a loopstation; no effects, samples or recordings.

Astronaut (Music)

Ground Floor Orion – Atlas side


Met geduld bouwt Astronaut voort aan hun eigen universum van compromisloze Nederlandstalige liedjes. In 2018 stonden ze in de finale van De Grote Prijs van Nederland waar de jury hun teksten treffend omschreef als filosofisch met een achterhoekse nuchterheid. Met hun eerste EP ‘Geduld Is Een Schone Zaak en hun aansluitende ‘Kleinste theaters van Nederland tour’ lanceerden ze zichzelf de ruimte in. Kom ze zien landen in Orion.