SG - The Power of Play

Games can help us to amplify self-motivated learning, and to enable richer social interaction. Come and learn how a game designer looks at the power of play.

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di 30 mei 2023 20:00

About The Power of Play

Play pleases, captivates, educates, consoles, divides and unites us. The powerful force that play can be, has intrigued Ellis Bartholomeus throughout her career. Graduating as a product designer in 1996, she realised that to make audiences own a message they need to interact with it. Since then she has been designing games as a method and tool to amplify self-motivated learning and enable rich social interaction. Among others, she worked on games to contribute to wildlife conservation, and to help kidney malfunction patients adapt their lifestyle. If you wish to learn how to create, design, make or host play to make impact, come and play!

About lecture series Play

Through play we learn how to live. Living, to play is one of our greatest joys. What do a social and a behavioural scientist have to say about the nature and potential of play? How can we use this great capacity to improve the lives of ourselves and others?

About Ellis Barthelomeus

Ellis Barthelomeus graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She has co-developed more than 50 games and playful interactive products on a wide spectrum of topics. She also taught and coached students in design (UvA, HvA, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Hanze Hogeschool Groningen). After years of developing products, Ellis wrote Apply Play, a book on the art of play. She gives talks and facilitates workshops on the value and power of play and how to make a change while designing and driving intrinsic motivation. Last but not least, Ellis Barthelomeus knits graffiti with BreiwerkWest in Amsterdam.

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