Conference VoedingNederland2015

Several disorders have been associated with problems in the intestines, the brains, or with the interaction between the two. Food might play an important role in the resulting disorder. Food might interact through the microbiome, via the intestinal integrity, and via the brain-gut axis. The conference will stimulate discussion on the state of knowledge and about the advices that should be given to consumers.

Organisator VoedingNederland2015

do 10 december 2015

Locatie Jaarbeurs, Utrecht


The programme consists of three program lines
1. brains,
2. intestines and
3. brain-gut interactions
Attention will be given to disorders such as autism, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome and decreased activity of the immune system.

Through our collaboration with Gelderse Vallei Hospital we connect medical knowledge and nutrition. In this congress we also collaborate with NAV, DCN and NVD. Scientists, doctors, dieticians, policymakers and marketers will talk to each other in order to achieve good advice for consumers.


This conference is Dutch spoken.