Nitrogen metabolism of the infant gut microbiota: A new focus on human milk prebiotics

Promovendus P (Patrick) Schimmel
Promotor dr. J (Jan) Knol
Copromotor dr. C (Clara) Belzer
Organisatie Wageningen University, Laboratory of Microbiology

di 6 december 2022 13:30 tot 15:00

Locatie Omnia
Zaal/kamer Groot Auditorium


Understanding nitrogen-related metabolism in the infant gut and how that is related to breastfeeding will further help improve infant feeding alternatives. We described how bacteria interact and respond to changes in nitrogen composition of the diet. Urea as one of the main components of human milk is being processed by bacteria while an infant’s body cannot. It shows the level of adaptation the health-promoting bacteria have to the breastfeeding practice and how they help us have a healthy start to life. Furthermore, lowering protein in infant formula products might be one of the ways we can improve settlement of the right bacteria in our gut from an early age.