2016 Award for REG-course

Ecological Methods I wins an award again!

Once again, the course Ecological Methods 1 (REG 31806) received an Excellent Education Prize, the 2016 Award this time. Fred de Boer, coordinator of the course, received the Award on 4 July 2016 from Coco van der Wolk. In total 30 prizes were awarded at Wageningen University, based on a quality indicator of the course, calculated from the results of the student questionnaire. The executive board holds in great esteem the opinions of students on their education, an important indicator whether Wageningen University provides education that inspires and meets students’ expectations. Student satisfaction is therefore an important indicator for quality of education. The course Ecological Methods 1 has received already three Excellent Education Awards, since the Award was installed in 2014.

Fred de Boer is also one of the lecturers of the course, together with Ignas Heitkönig, and Frank van Langevelde, but the course is also relying on a large team of enthusiastic staff and PhD supervisors that assist with various aspects of the course (Herman van Oeveren, Lourens Poorter, Frank Sterck, Marielos Pena Claros, Pim van Hooft, Kevin Matson, Joost de Jong, Helen Esser, Iris de Winter), and the prize is therefore regarded as a sign of recognition of the whole course team.

Criteria used in the calculation of the quality indicator of the course were: course set up, learning outcomes, teaching methods, previously acquired knowledge, overlap, the contribution of the lecturers to the learning process, examination and on the general rating of the course.