Student information

25 March 16h, new MSc thesis topics at REG


In order to inform you about the possibilities for thesis topics at our research group we will organise a presentation on Wednesday 25 March between 16.00-17.30 h in room Lumen 1. We will explain briefly the main orientation of our research group at this meeting, and staff members will shortly present their suggestions for thesis subjects. We will also make clear how these thesis subjects are organised, and the main criteria for acceptation. The Resource Ecology Group performs research in community ecology of large herbivores, with particular emphasis on the interactions between herbivores and the vegetation. This is carried out at aggregation levels ranging from plant part to ecosystem, in both temperate and tropical regions. We also supervise projects in the Netherlands, or other thesis themes on vegetation, animals or diseases. A full update of MSc thesis subjects can be found at our homepage ( under Education. There is time to discuss these issues with our staff members. Hope to see you all on 25 March!