Additional WUR discount on the CANS/RSI set

Additional WUR discount on the CANS/RSI set

Studying comfortably with your laptop

Working properly with your laptop and monitor will prevent arm, neck, and shoulder issues. By default, a laptop is not suited to be used for work or studying for more than two consecutive hours. Worker on a laptop for longer periods results in an uncomfortable posture with pain and discomfort by the end of the day. If you use an arm, neck, and shoulder comfort set, you will be able to sustainably and productively work on your laptop.

WUR feels that it is important for students to study comfortably. Preventing the problem is better than finding a cure, so WUR will offer a discount on the purchase of a Complains to arm, neck and/or shoulder set (CANS - formerly RSI ), which contains a laptop riser and an external keyboard.

In the LaptopShop you can choose the set that suits you best.

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